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Tryton Services

B2CK members are the core developers of Tryton. As such they provide a wide range of valuable services. B2CK expertise will ensure you assistance on most of Tryton related subjects such as bugfixes, technical or organisational advising.

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B2CK is the reference company for Tryton developments. We provide 2 ways of pricing:

Based on time pack

Pack duration Price
2h 250€
10h 1000€
50h 4000€
100h 7000€
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Please note

  • The prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • The packs are valid for 1 year.

Based on quotation

Development pricing varies with the duration of the project and its interest for the Tryton community. Feel free to contact us for any quotation.


# Starter Basic* Premium*
Initial Response Time 5 days 3 days 1 day
Phone and Mail Support Business Hours Business Hours Business Hours
Number of Support Incidents 1 per year 20 per year No limit
Annual Subscription Price 150€ 1400€ 5000€

* An additional option provides one series upgrade on premise per year for 400€.

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Please note

  • Initial Response Times are expressed in business days.
  • For phone and mail requests, French and English are spoken.
  • The prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • The upgrade option is available for installation with only standard modules.


Trainings are organised on demand. Please contact us if you are interested.